DG89n - G2n




                    DG89n - Petrol Engines

  • Tester / stroboscope conceived for advance checks, for the diagnosis of ignition and injection systems on petrol engines, for mapping checks while tuning sports and road engines.

  • Advance mapping of ignition and injection as well as injection time can be picked up automatically (without flash) on power test benches or on the road.

  • Simplifies mapping test procedures and shortens mapping times, really helps preparing for homologation on test benches.

  • RS 232 connection to PC for displaying and comparing the mapping of 5 different ignition or injection advance curves on power test benches or on the road.

  • Displays at the same time: RPM and ignition or injection advance, as well as injection time, ignition coil's charging time, time and duty cycle of actuators, DC battery voltages and sensors peak voltages.

  • Non contact RPM measurement through stroboscope.

    G2n - Petrol / Conventional and Common Rail Diesel Engines

    Gathers in a single instrument the features of DG89n and other electronic circuits for the automatic measurement (without flash) of pre-injection advance in Diesel common-rail engines. For checking and rectifying pre-injection mapping.

    Carries out the stroboscopic measurement of pre-injection advance in common rail engines, of injection in TDi and conventional engines.