Oxygen Sensor Tester  30045000


                The Oxygen Sensor Tester & Simulator has a simple interface which enables a technician to quickly perform measurements and tests on Oxygen Sensors, and to determine whether or not the sensor or wiring is defective. It is designed to be used as both, a complement for a scan tool, or as a stand alone tool in the diagnostic process.


What Kind of sensor can it be used with?

Zirconium, Titanium 1 Volt, Titanium 5 Volt, and dual-cell wideband Oxygen Sensors.

Sensor may be heated or unheated (1,2,3,4 wires or 5 for wideband)

Test Functions:

Lazy or Slow sensors are diagnosed with the simple push of a button which performs a response time test in a matter of seconds.

Wiring can be checked out by using the simulation functions and monitoring the engine response.

Signal output levels are displayed in real time on a fast response bar-graph.

Closed loop performance can be monitored by the cross counts of the signal shown in a large alpha-numeric display.

Allows testing of the sensors on or off the vehicle.


Technical Features
  • 42V Ready.

  • Bright and powerful LED Bar-graph as well as alpha-numeric display.

  • Doest not require special time-consuming set-up.

  • Monitors and tests Oxygen Sensors On or Off vehicle.

  • Provides instant Pass/Fail results for the Oxygen Sensor.

  • Diagnoses "Lazy" sensors (Slow response) which may not always set a DTC code

  • Internally protected against power surges.

  • High temp 16 AWG silicon test wires for durability.

  • Protective rubber holster.