V 555


                        V 555

  • Color LCD 17" Interactive graphic interface Icon based.

  • Control Unit PC IBM compatible computer, RS232 port to connect to other PCs.

  • Anvil for weights.

  • Flange holders.

  • Safety cover with automatic start-off et closure

  • Device for automatic input of wheel data, control of wheel run-out and planarity.  (Opt.)

  • Compartments for balance weights and pliers.

  • Integrated bell flange for a perfect clamp of the wheel (IFS system).

  • Lower wheel guard (Opt)



                            TECHNICAL DATA


Power supply 220V50-60Hz1Ph
Motor rating 400Watt
Power Source 50Watt
Balancing speed 98RPM
Rim diameter 8"(200 mm) - 26"(650 mm)
Wheel Width max 16" (400 mm)
Wheel Weight max 90Kg (198 Lbs)
Working time 4 - 15 s.
Accuracy 1 gr.