Vacuum Systems Tester Kit 01390000


                    Suitable for a wide variety of engine diagnostic tests

For identifying faults on vacuum operated and controlled fuel and ignition systems, emission control systems and automatic transmissions.

Assists in the diagnosis of mechanical engine faults; checks fuel and vacuum pumps ; vacuum advance /retard timing mechanisms; exhaust gas re-circulation systems; canister purge valves; fuel pressure regulators and MAP sensors.

 Also suitable for bleeding brakes and checking brake servos.

Identifies leaks in fuel lines, air-conditioning systems, heater cores, motorcycle and marine engine crank cases.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual scale gauge 0-76cm (0-30in) Hg mercury
  • 32mm rubber cap adaptor for obtaining vacuum where standard tapered nozzles are not suitable.
  • Supplied with 3 snap-over bleed nipple adaptors as well as 120ml reservoir jar for brake bleeding applications
  • Can be upgraded for testing Turbo Charger waste gates
  • Complete with comprehensive instruction manual and storage case


Optional Extra

  • Converter for use with turbo chargers - 01390800